French Days 2022: this panoramic LG screen is €160

French Days 2022: this panoramic LG screen is €160

It is very easy to get lost and annoyed when working with a lot of open tabs on your PC. You can overcome this problem by installing 2 computer screens on your desk, but the lack of space could be a problem for some.

For better comfort and less hassle, why not simply opt for a wider or Ultra Wide screen? At the moment, the LG 29WP500-B Full HD in 21/9 format is €159.99 instead of €229.99 on Amazon.

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Why does CNET recommend this product to you?

On the Internet, it is easy to find a pair of Full HD screens for 200€, with sizes that can vary between 22 and 24 inches generally, but the bulk can become an issue: it takes space on the desk, to be able to connect them to your PC and your power strip, which is not always easy.

A larger screen like the LG’s will be easier to install and just as usable, although it’s “only” 29 inches in comparison. You will nevertheless be able to display two programs side by side without any problem (Windows command + right or left arrow) and gain in productivity. The IPS panels also benefit from good viewing angles and the 75 Hz are more than enough for office use.

The strong points

  • 21/9 format appreciable for multitasking;
  • More than one screen to manage instead of two;
  • Interesting price.

Things to know

  • “Only” Full HD resolution;
  • No speaker, but a headphone output.

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