New Windows 11 features revealed ahead of time

New Windows 11 features revealed ahead of time

Microsoft has well developed new features for the next versions of its Windows 11. It was Albacore, a well-known leaker of Windows products, who leaked the details on his Twitter account last Saturday.

A not-so-well-kept secret

First of all, it seems that Windows 11 will get new visual elements for customizing the desktop. They will have the form of stickers for the wallpaper. As can be seen here, two options will be offered to allow“add stickers” through the configuration settings of your operating system and “edit stickers” directly from the context menu.

In addition, new functionalities are added with regard to the notifications. Appears a new parameter “Set priority notifications”. This new option will be different from Focus Assist, which already allowed you to delete polluting notifications and stay “focused” on your work.

Eco-responsibility and FOCUS

The latter also changes its name and will now be called simply Focus. You can see here the new Focus menu :

A new parameter called sustainability (“Sustainability”) appears. This tool aims to make users responsible for the use of the energy produced by their devices. And offers recommendations in this regard.
According to Albacore, the leaf-shaped symbols seen at the top of the page are used to assess the “ecological score” of the computer.

Finally, Windows 11 could get a new mode Tablet. Still according to twittos, the latest versions bring up a new parameter in the taskbar which offers “ Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet “.
Case to follow.

Source : Neowin / Twitter

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