Sales: the Samsung T5 500 GB SSD at €63 at Boulanger

Sales: the Samsung T5 500 GB SSD at €63 at Boulanger

During the Summer Sale, the Samsung T5 with 500 GB of storage space is €63 at Boulanger. If the discount may seem a bit low (-9%), it is important to note that the same product is currently offered on Amazon at €119.99 (with regular discounts bringing the price down to around €80).

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Why does CNET recommend this offer?

The dimensions of the SSD are only 57 x 74 x 10 mm for a weight of 51 grams. It is a compact device, easy to transport and which also benefits from a shock-resistant shell. The performance is very good with up to 540MB/s transfer speed. It also has an AES 256 Bit encryption system and you can add a password to protect all of your data.

The strong points

  • Easy to carry ;
  • Robust (resists drops up to 2 m according to the manufacturer);
  • Fast transfers;
  • Heats little.

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