Windows 11: evolution of the taskbar and arrival of Amazon apps

Windows 11: evolution of the taskbar and arrival of Amazon apps

You don’t always have to wait for major releases once or twice a year to see Windows 11 to evolve. A KB5010414 update is indeed available recently and is distributed via Windows Update. After an installation of a few minutes, you can take advantage of some new features that Panos Panay, in charge of products at Microsoft, presented on the windows-blog.

The first novelty is also the most anticipated, but the most frustrating since it is only available in the USA for the moment and no timetable has been revealed for its deployment in the rest of the world. Microsoft has integrated the Amazon App Store and its Android apps into the Microsoft Store so that you can use them on your PC.

Be careful however, this requires some hardware requirements that go beyond that usually requested for Windows 11, namely 8 GB of RAM minimum, an SSD and at least an 8th generation Intel Core i3 processor, an AMD Ryzen 3000, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c, or a more powerful model. If you can’t take advantage of it, here’s a video preview.

As for the new features accessible to all and directly visible, there is the addition of a “Mute” button in the taskbar to mute the sound quickly during videoconference sessions. When hovering the mouse over applications in the taskbar, a new button will allow you to easily share your screen with other stakeholders.

Always in the taskbar, it is the return of the weather displayed permanently, at the bottom left by default. A click on the icon automatically deploys the widget panel. When using a second display, the date and time will now be visible on both displays.

Finally, Microsoft has redesigned two Windows 11 applications present by default: Notepad and Media Player. The first, in addition to a new design, will reflect the light or dark theme depending on the one used on the OS. The second replaces Groove Music, playlists and libraries will be migrated automatically.

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